Many of you asked why we call our first bimetal model as Hummingbird, here is why.

The Hummingbird is made by yoyofriends, a yoyo company based on FPM. The goal for us is to produce a competition yoyo that is on the bleeding edge of manufacturing technology. In order to make this happen we ensured that the yoyo has maximum stability, agility and usability. The heavy stainless steel rim on the outside makes the yoyo very stable, and the main yoyo body is made very light by using 7068 aluminum to produce the perfect weight distribution. In fact the wall of the Hummingbird is one of thinnest if not the thinnest on the yoyo market. This combination enables us to make the overall yoyo very light, thus bringing out maximum agility. After the prototypes we made the yoyo more comfortable to hold and play by modifying the ring chamfer to improve the usability. The dimple on the hub also makes the yoyo more aesthetically pleasing and enables user to finger spin. When we test the final product, the yoyo makes a humming noise like a bird singing, so we named it hummingbird. Hummingbird (animal) is a biological marvel that has a blazing fast wing speed and flight stability, which mirrors our yoyo, a technological marvel that also has high speed and high stability. So far, hummingbird has received positive reviews and is considered to be one of the best competition oriented yoyo in the market.

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Aluminum 7068-T6+SS Rings







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